Louisa Hoxha

Louisa is the new rising star whose voice and presence belie her young age. With a strong drive that has been with her since birth, Louisa has only just dipped her toes into what promises to be a long and fascinating career for us to follow.

When Louisa sings, she always draws from her own emotions. She is open about what she feels and aims to convey these feelings through her music. Singing and making music allow her to disappear into her own world, where she feels her best. She hopes that listeners can experience the same emotions she does.

Louisa has her sights set on the top, and she is not ashamed of seeking validation. She dreams of winning competitions with her music and gaining more and more recognition for her songs and artistry. This is something we at KMR Studios fully support!

On June 11, 2021, Louisa released her first self-written song, "Like That," here at KMR Studios. Listen and enjoy the talents of this budding artist!

Released via KMR Studios