Tess has been singing and playing music since she was little. She's one of those people who loves all types of music, while also having a special love for melancholic melodies and lyrics. Lately, she has been focusing on experimenting with translating English song lyrics into Swedish!

Her music is often sad, melodic, and melancholic, which is the opposite of how Tess is perceived when you talk to her. She is full of joy and energy. When we asked her about the contrasts, she replied, "I guess it's a balance that I unconsciously maintain!" The goal of her music is simple: "...to be who I am and share it with others. I love music, and singing is my art."

In her younger days, Tess drew inspiration from other artists and songwriters. Today, as a songwriter and singer, Tess is inspired by all types of ways people express themselves. "I enjoy seeing a person's soul and heart, and it can be expressed through books, art, lectures, or just conversations and life experiences."

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Released via KMR Studios