"DBI consists of the duo Ingbritt Björkman and Dick Björkman from Arvika. DBI is their collaborative group and music project that has been in motion since 2020, but the music has been with them for much longer. On July 19, 2023, they will release their single 'Tunga steg i månsken' (Heavy Steps in Moonlight)!"

From auditions to own songs

The duo embarked on their musical journey when they acquired a Boss Br1600 studio. Dick asked Ingbritt to audition by singing some cover songs, and to their delight, it sounded better than they had expected. This inspired both of them to continue creating and writing their own songs.

When someone who has never heard DBI's music asks how it would be described, Ingbritt would say that her lyrics are inspired by her own dreams, emotions, thoughts, and experiences. On the other hand, Dick draws inspiration from the music he plays and listens to, and his lyrics take shape from everyday events, such as the example of "Sommaren 94" (Summer '94) created during a sailing vacation.

Musical memories and dreams

One of Ingbritt's earliest musical memories goes back to when she was five years old. She vividly remembers singing along while her father played the accordion. It was a magical experience that etched itself into her memory. On the other hand, Dick recalls his teenage years, growing up with 60s music, which led him to start playing the guitar and forming two bands.

When it comes to strong musical memories, Dick has a childhood memory of growing up in the southern part of Hammarby. At the age of eight, he had the opportunity to attend a concert by the Hep Stars, which left a lasting impression on him. Ingbritt, on the other hand, specifically remembers the year 1978 when Björn Skifs came to Folkets Park in Arvika. It was a strong and memorable moment for her.

These musical memories hold a special place in their hearts and have influenced their musical journeys, shaping their love for music and inspiring their own dreams and aspirations.

The joy of creation

The most enjoyable aspect for DBI when it comes to creating music is being in the studio and witnessing the song's development. They love recording different instruments and hearing the music evolve into a complete song. Outside the studio, the most rewarding part for them is releasing the songs and conveying emotions and messages through the lyrics.

Regarding dreams and goals in music, both Ingbritt and Dick strive for their music to reach a global audience and for people to genuinely appreciate what they create. They aspire to have their music resonate with listeners worldwide and make a positive impact through their artistic expression.

Released via KMR Studios