Filip Killander and Biim Frischenfeldt form the singer-songwriter/pop duo called DARK GREEN FOREST (DGF). They met in early 2020 at a concert in central Uppsala, Sweden.

On September 11th, the duo made their debut with the single "See the World" on all digital platforms, aiming for it to become an anthem for all people who want to travel the world with their best friend.

DGF is not afraid to combine playfulness with seriousness and depth. They provide the audience with melodies influenced by folk/pop culture and lyrics filled with heartfelt devotion. They refer to their music as "Gran" pop, inspired by the deep, green forest and the high mountains in the northern part of Sweden.

At the same time, the duo has established themselves as a songwriting and production duo, creating all the music, production, and lyrics on their own. They have high expectations for the future, aiming to capture the sound and feeling of Sweden's nature and landscapes mixed with joy and freedom in their music.

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Released via KMR Studios