Ditte Liss

The artist Ditte Liss is a folk-pop singer with many musical talents. As a child, Ditte played the violin and piano, and in her late teens, she started playing folk music on her violin. Her love for singing has always been present, and she has explored jazz and folk music, received training from various vocal coaches, and sung in different choirs. For the past six years, Ditte has also been writing her own songs, which she often performs together with her husband Örjan, who plays the piano and accordion. She describes her music as folk-pop with influences of folk music, jazz, and blues.

Ditte is driven by the desire to create and be creative. Music makes her feel alive, and she hopes to touch others with her music. Drawing inspiration from artists like Eva Cassidy and Sofia Karlsson, Ditte creates beautiful and melodic music that leaves us wanting to listen more!

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Releaser via KMR Studios