Northern Garden Party

Expressing oneself can be highly personal, and Northern Garden Party does it in the best way through music.

A language without words

Northern Garden Party uses music as his means of expression. He describes music as a language without words and something that is inherently very private. Releasing music has never been an end in itself; it is the personal experience of creating that matters the most.

Music with variation

The music created by Northern Garden Party hovers between genres without losing its grounding. Disco, pop, musical, and synth blend together in different harmonic layers. Perhaps the music can be described as Renaissance music with a modern twist.

Desire, intensity, and authenticity

As a creator, Northern Garden Party always works from a place of desire. If the desire is present, the creative process becomes intense, and if it's absent, the music creation follows suit. Authenticity is paramount, whether Northern Garden Party is creating or performing on stage.

Released via KMR Studios