Anna Nordanstig

“Tones turn into words and emotions and are communicated between hearts, not between mouths.

The ever-present music

Music is something that has always been present in the home and upbringing of the pianist and artist Anna Nordanstig. In her childhood home on Gotland, classical music and opera were frequently played, but there were also choir singing, drinking songs, and pop and folk music. At the age of 8, Anna attended her first opera performance, describing the experience as fantastic. 'The costumes, colors, rich decorations, and voices that overpowered an entire orchestra, it was magical!'

When Anna was six years old, she received her first piano from her grandparents and started playing. She improvised early on, creating her own melodies behind the piano, and it didn't take long before she had written her first small composition. Throughout the years, the piano and singing have been faithful companions.

Her creativity and creative expression have had more space in her life in the past two years, and she herself believes that music is an important source of joy and strength. She states that 'it is at the piano and in singing that I find rest, contemplation, and freedom. It's where I reconnect with my essence.'

The inspiration and music

As a musician, Anna Nordanstig is inspired by everything happening within and around her, describing music creation as "a free and open world filled with magic." She believes that notes transform into words and emotions, which are then communicated between our hearts, rather than our mouths. She finds this liberating, important, and wonderful in a world that isn't always free.

Touching others and bringing calm to the listener is what the artist primarily aims for with her music, simultaneously providing healing and joy through the tones in her works. Her piano music is characterized by a soothing calmness, where the feeling of playing is present in every keystroke.

Anna Nordanstig is currently promoting her album "FRI," where the listener gains a deep insight into her craftsmanship of piano loops.

Releases from KMR Studios