Katten Skogmans Orkester

Katten Skogmans Orkester, as they call themselves, is a folk orchestra that combines virtuosity, lightness, depth, and catchy melodies with a touch of bipolarity and joy. The description of their music is as long as it is difficult to comprehend - Katten Skogmans Orkester must be experienced to be understood.

In 2003, the members of the orchestra, Björn Ende, David Skogman, and Henrik Hurtigh, met at a theater school in Stockholm. The three were united in their musicality and their absurd interest in Swedish lyrics. In 2009, the group was joined by Fredrik Carlzon, Martin Welander, and Alexandra Eklöf from the music conservatory. With their arrival, the music, sound, and group of friends became complete. Along the way, drummer Richard Klemmé also started playing with the band. Since then, the group has made music, lived their lives, taken breaks, started families, reunited, made more music, taken breaks again, experienced some life crises, and so on, but now they are finally back!

The orchestra describes their songs as a band that unites their little group of friends. Unlike love couples who often have songs that mean a lot to them, Katten Skogmans Orkester instead writes their own love songs.

When we at KMR Studios asked the orchestra why they make music and if they have any goals, they replied: "Yes... we've asked ourselves that many times. The answer is probably that we just can't help it. We've tried. Several times."

But so far, Katten Skogmans Orkester has not managed to quit making music, and luckily for us, they haven't!

Released via KMR Studios