Naomi Elander

Naomi Elander is the Gothenburg-based songwriter and singer with music in her blood, whose songs leave no one untouched.

Naomi started writing lyrics at a young age, and on her father's homemade stage in their apartment, she was exposed to her father's music and could develop her own musical expression. With great inspiration from home, Naomi writes lyrics as an outlet for her emotions. She describes music as her way of lightening her heart and being able to put words to her feelings. She hopes that others can find the same support in her songs as she has when writing them. Her songs are built on strong emotions, and the lyrics touch on love in all its forms.

In 2021, Naomi debuted with the song "Too Good To Be True" and recently released her first EP, "Guilty Love," featuring songs like "Shut My Mouth," "Love Myself," and "Reason to Lie," through KMR Studios.

Released via KMR Studios