Martina Brown

Martina Brown is a singer and songwriter with a voice that leaves no one untouched.

Since childhood, Martina has loved music, and singing has always been a channel for her to express herself. Since she started writing her own lyrics, her love for music has only grown stronger. Martina herself listens a lot to soul and acoustic music and finds inspiration in many different genres and artists.

She describes how she has developed a passion for songwriting and the adventure of constantly finding inspiration for her own song ideas. However, it would take a few years before Martina started writing lyrics that later became finished songs. In 2020, Martina made her debut with her first single "Ciao Ciao".

Martina dreams of standing on stage and reaching out with her music, and if we at KMR Studios have to guess, that dream is not far away!

Link to Martina's inspirational playlist on Spotify.

Released via KMR Studios