“Music and singing has always brought me such joy. It holds a special place in my heart." 

The musical drive

The singer and songwriter Felizia has had music within her from the very beginning, and it has been an important part of her life and upbringing. The fact that she has always had music to fall back on, regardless of what else is happening around her and in life, has been a great source of comfort for which she is grateful. Music and singing have therefore also been a great source of joy for Felizia: "It has always brought me so much joy. It sticks to a special place in the heart." Therefore, being able to sing has been a passion that has often brought light and happiness, and singing has also contributed to strengthening the musical bond more and more over the years. As a musician, Felizia is inspired primarily by other people in various ways, both through encounters and personal experiences together with others. Seeing other people happy is also something she loves and is driven by, which is something she constantly strives to contribute to. This is also something that both inspires and is reflected in the music, and by sharing her own music, further joy is given back.

Curiosity and a broad taste

When it comes to Felizia's music direction and inspiration, she has a broad mind and appreciates many different musical genres, being open to approaching most things. The joy of creation is always there, regardless of the type of project she chooses to pursue. Having the opportunity to try new things she's never done before is a strong driving force in her music creation. "The most fun part is not only doing what I love but also being able to explore and try creating different things." She is now looking forward to and eager to start working on upcoming projects in the studio, where she can bring her song ideas to life. "It's going to be so much fun!" Her hope is therefore also to be able to continue releasing new music for a long time to come, consisting of both covers and her own songs. An important goal is also to be able to work with music full-time, making it the big "spark in the heart."

Releases from KMR Studios